Pre-Olympic Training

The Olympics start on Friday, so the Ravelympics start then, too. Knitters, weavers, and crocheters all over the world are ready to start their projects as the Olympic torch is lit, and be finished before it is extinguished.

The basic idea is to pick something that is challenging to complete in the 2-week timeframe. I am doing socks which in itself are not a challenge, but I am going to do two-at-a-time magic loop AND I am going to try to knit them continental. (I am an old-habits-die-hard thrower, even though I know how to pick.)

My friend and co-Knitting Nomad JW is going to help me with the Magic Loop if I get stuck.

Here is the yarn:
Gypsy Socks WIP
Cherry Tree Hill Superwash DK, in colorway “Gypsy Rose.”

I have the yarn wound, and last night got the idea to rewind it into the 2 balls that will be needed and find the same starting point on each one, so that my toes, at least, match.

I am entering in several competitions: Sock Hockey (since it is socks), Speed Skate (since it is one skein of yarn) and Stash Dance (since I didn’t buy new yarn for the event).

By the way, I am the captain of the Knitting Nomads team – Go Knitting Nomads!


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