Occupy Wool Street

December 12, 2011

Marvel Scarf
My dear friend Aimee of Compassionate Conversations told me about Occupy Wool Street, an effort to provide warm clothing for the Occupy Protestors. Occupy Wool Street started in Chicago, but I decided that I’d rather keep my items a little closer to home, so I sent these things to Occupy Boston. After a bunch of research, I found there’s a Ravelry group for Occupy Boston AND a Facebook group for knitters who support them.

I mailed them a warm wool scarf I made
Marvel Scarf FO

as well as 2 headbands / earwarmers that were in my UFO pile and really needed to be finished and donated to someone with cold ears:
2 Navy Headbands FO

The Occupy encampment in Dewey Square was broken up on Saturday morning, but I am hoping someone picked them up from the OB PO box a couple of weeks ago and someone got some good use of them. A little support from a couch potato [wink].


Designer Knows Best

December 10, 2011

Well, I found a cowl that I really liked and wanted to make. As usual, I made a few “tweaks” to the pattern, and by “tweaks” I mean I COMPLETELY CHANGED IT. It’s the Amanda Cowl and it’s knit in the round with a lovely stitch pattern.
Cowl WIP
I decided I wanted it knit flat, with buttons, instead of being over-the-head. Which means I needed to convert every other row. Usually very easy, in this case, I made a couple of mis-steps, and had to restart it twice. Normal for me. OK, so here I am:
Cowl WIP-1

and it is biasing like crazy. Guess I should have kept this particular stitch pattern in the round. Guess the designer knew what she was doing when she wrote the pattern, eh?

Will it block into a rectangle? We’ll see…

It’s intended for a gift. If it doesn’t block well, I can always sacrifice (cough-cough) and keep it for myself.

Thank You, Canada….

March 1, 2010

For a wonderful Olympics. Thank you Ravelry (and the Ravelympics Mods!) for a wonderful Ravelympics. And thank you, Yarn Harlot, for a wonderful Knitting Olympics.
This was my Day 15 picture: Gypsy Socks WIP
The socks were bound off during the closing ceremony last night:
Gypsy Socks FO
Very comfortable merino (Cherry Tree Hill Supersock DK). I met my goal of doing two-at-a-time magic loop. I partly met my goal of knitting continental – it’s not as natural for me, so I reverted to throwing at times, especially at the beginning of each row. But I knit the majority continental and feel more comfortable with that technique now. I am proud of finishing the pair within the 17 days – that would be like falling off a log for some knitters, but took concentrated effort for me. A Gold Medal event for The Finish Line!

Olympic Update, Day 11

February 23, 2010

Photo as of Day 11:
Gypsy Socks WIP
Past the heel and a couple inches into the leg.

I have MOSTLY been project monogamous. Especially since Saturday when I only had 1/2 the feet done and realized I had to step up my game a bit.

Pre-Olympic Training

February 10, 2010

The Olympics start on Friday, so the Ravelympics start then, too. Knitters, weavers, and crocheters all over the world are ready to start their projects as the Olympic torch is lit, and be finished before it is extinguished.

The basic idea is to pick something that is challenging to complete in the 2-week timeframe. I am doing socks which in itself are not a challenge, but I am going to do two-at-a-time magic loop AND I am going to try to knit them continental. (I am an old-habits-die-hard thrower, even though I know how to pick.)

My friend and co-Knitting Nomad JW is going to help me with the Magic Loop if I get stuck.

Here is the yarn:
Gypsy Socks WIP
Cherry Tree Hill Superwash DK, in colorway “Gypsy Rose.”

I have the yarn wound, and last night got the idea to rewind it into the 2 balls that will be needed and find the same starting point on each one, so that my toes, at least, match.

I am entering in several competitions: Sock Hockey (since it is socks), Speed Skate (since it is one skein of yarn) and Stash Dance (since I didn’t buy new yarn for the event).

By the way, I am the captain of the Knitting Nomads team – Go Knitting Nomads!

Tyra done!

February 10, 2010

I finished my Tyra. It is warm and comfortable. I don’t think we were able to get any really good pictures, so I may do another post if I can get some better snapshots.
Tyra FO
Tyra FO

Car Knitting

January 4, 2010

I had some concentrated knitting time last week – on the way to and from a lovely visit with my family. The result is this:


which will become the lovely Tyra

from the book Modern Living by S. Charles. From the moment I saw the pattern I wanted to make this vest/shawl. I got the book from Webs (my LYS didn’t carry it) and found some Maggie’s Alpaca in my stash.

It’s great car knitting because it is all seed stitch and ribbing. It’s a bulky gauge (12 sts/4 inch) on US 10’s. The pattern called for 14 sts/4 inch but I couldn’t get that with this yarn so I modified the stitch count. The vest is constructed from 3 rectangles.

Ahhhh, Cashmere

November 27, 2009

This is just an everyday, no nonsense, warm cap, but it’s made from a blend of 60% cashmere and 40% merino wool.
I bought the yarn at Stitches East 3 or 4 years ago. Because of my faulty memory and/or record-keeping, I thought it was merino – if I had remembered I had cashmere, it would not have hung around unused for so long. But, I’m glad it did, because I dug it out to make a cap for a friend, and it’s perfect for him (I hope he agrees!). One of the Rainey Sisters just happened to blogged about a Marsan Cap at about the same time I was mulling over what pattern to use, and thus the stars were aligned.
I’m quite fond of the twisted rib (very stretchy) and the way the crown decreases spiral.

Stolen Seconds

November 4, 2009

This is a scarf & hat set I made for my step-mom for her birthday.
The scarf pattern is Stolen Moments (Ravelry link) but I made it much narrower to be a scarf instead of a wrap.
The hat pattern is Basic Ribbed Hat (also a Ravelry link). Thank you, EOL, for modeling it for me before I mailed it off.
I toyed with the idea of making a hat in the lace pattern of the scarf, but decided that New Hampshire winters are too cold for hats with holes.
The yarn is Lobster Pot wool and mohair blend in the “Beach Plum” colorway. I used 2 skeins.

Tiffle Hat

October 20, 2009

Here’s a fun hat:
This is for a friend, my lovely and talented logo designer, TLDesign. She bought the yarn and her only instructions were “make it messy,”
After I knit the green brim, I switched to the thick/thin yarn (I don’t know what it is, but it reminds me of Colinette Point 5). Then I randomly put in stitches of the green, and every once in a while, pulled out a bit of the yarn and twisted it back on itself.
It was a fun hat to knit and I think it’ll be fun (and warm) to wear.