Knitting is a Privilege

March 29, 2010

That’s the way I’ve always felt about it, but I wasn’t able to articulate it as well as 10-year old knitter Felix in this CBS Sunday Morning video: . Mo Rocca learns that knitting is not a punishment in this funny clip.

Must Have Cardigan, continuing

March 24, 2010

Here’s an update of the aran cardigan I started last June. It’s slow going because it’s not “mindless” knitting. But I’m making progress!
Back (almost done):
Must Have - Back
Sleeves (done):
Must Have - Sleeves
Fronts (just starting):
Must Have - Fronts


Thank You, Canada….

March 1, 2010

For a wonderful Olympics. Thank you Ravelry (and the Ravelympics Mods!) for a wonderful Ravelympics. And thank you, Yarn Harlot, for a wonderful Knitting Olympics.
This was my Day 15 picture: Gypsy Socks WIP
The socks were bound off during the closing ceremony last night:
Gypsy Socks FO
Very comfortable merino (Cherry Tree Hill Supersock DK). I met my goal of doing two-at-a-time magic loop. I partly met my goal of knitting continental – it’s not as natural for me, so I reverted to throwing at times, especially at the beginning of each row. But I knit the majority continental and feel more comfortable with that technique now. I am proud of finishing the pair within the 17 days – that would be like falling off a log for some knitters, but took concentrated effort for me. A Gold Medal event for The Finish Line!