2 Pairs of Gloves Update

I just received this wonderful picture of my gloves being worn. That is a knitter’s favorite kind of picture — or, at least, this knitter’s favorite kind of picture:
Boys & Gloves


3 Responses to 2 Pairs of Gloves Update

  1. Martha Reading says:

    I know these guys!!! When I saw the gloves before you gave them to the boys I didn’t know who you were giving them to. Jin looks so much older than the last time I saw him and Han is no longer a baby! Wow they grow so fast.

  2. turtleknits says:

    Yes you do! They came to visit us last summer and they are both delightful young men.

    I am so thrilled to get a comment on my blog! I’m trying to post more of my knitting here: knowing I have a reader will motivate me to do that.

  3. turtleknits says:

    Martha, scroll back a post or two to the “Occupy Boston” post. Those navy earwarmers are from a pattern you gave me MANY years ago. It’s a great pattern and I’ve made it lots of times.

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