Queensland Haze Scarf

October 9, 2009

I started a new scarf yesterday.
Queensland Haze-1
I bought this “Queensland Haze” last month because I liked it – I had no project idea in mind. It turned out not to be stretchy enough for knitting: it is 60% corn (!) and 40% cotton. The skein is 275 yards, not quite enough for a scarf on its own, so I had to find a weft from my stash to go with it.
I tried black, purple and a “terra cotta” cotton:

(the color is off in this picture: it’s a royal purple, not blue)


I had to beat pretty severely to get a nice fabric: you can see both loose and tight beating in the terra cotta swatch.
My favorite was the terra cotta, which is Nashua Handknits Creative Focus Cotton. It completely changes the original colorway from the Queensland Haze – here’s a shot of the warp by itself:
And here is the warp and weft: