Jane Oliver 014

Painting of colonial man and woman with a brick house

This abstract watercolor painting by Jane Oliver is of a colonial man and woman standing in front of a brick house. The setting is lush with spring-green trees and vibrant grass and greenery. The juxtaposition of the very detailed brick and clapboard house with the almost-featureless figures is eye-catching.

This painting is undated. The approximate dimensions are 23ā€ x 18ā€. The painting is glued to a piece of brown kraft paper which is glued to particle board. The painting is priced by the artist at $120.

Price: $90 USD
US Shipping: $15 for first item, $5 for each additional item (USPS Priority Mail). International shipping available: please contact me for rates.

detail of the man in tricorner hat

This is a detail of the man, who is wearing a tricorner hat and high boots: possibly a soldier’s uniform?.

detail of the woman

This is a detail of the woman who is wearing a cloth cap and a print skirt.


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